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Research America is a retained & contract executive search firm. We confidentially identify and recruit prospects for specific targeted positions requested by our clients.  Our firm is tailored to corporate environments within Ecommerce, CPG (Consumer Goods), Own Brand, Supply Chain Logistics and Retail. Our Health & Wellness, department includes, Pharmacy, Managed Care, PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Managers), and licensed professionals in Nutrition. Our focus is on executive level talent; Directors, Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, Executive Vice Presidents and C-Level. Our proven track record is quantified by the tenure of our customers, some over two decades! We also provide talent acquisition consulting services. Our primary clients and candidates are throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Since we began restructuring, you have continued to provide us with a cadre of professionals who will become the success story of our revival. You have continually met the challenge of presenting quality candidates who rapidly achieve expectations and go beyond.

Director of Human Resources

As testimony to Jan’s leadership skills, she and her team began working on the assignment and readily accepted all the responsibilities associated with the project. As a result of her excellent recruiting abilities, pleasant personality, professional work habits, and her general enthusiasm and passion for her work, she and her team were able to successfully handle all the details: sourcing, screening, interviewing, and presenting pharmacists to me for hiring. This contract called for a professional with the right amount of management, organizational, and communication skills. Jan Girard was this professional and she exceeded our company’s expectations for the amount of qualified hires brought to our operation.

Manager of Recruiting and Human Resources

I can’t thank you enough for matching me up with my ideal job. Your staff was always so helpful and they listened to my every concern. They definitely heard what I had to say because I was given an opportunity beyond my wildest dreams The position and company you matched me with was one that was made to order. Many make promises; you delivered! Thank you Jan and all your wonderful staff!

Supervising Pharmacists

We filled 66% of our openings through the high quality research provided by Research America. On behalf of the entire corporation, let me express my appreciation for a job well done.

Manager Recruitment and Staffing

My sincerest thank you for another successful search project. This now makes three successful home runs and we’ll be looking for more in the future.

Assistant VP & Director of Personnel

In today’s business world, it’s not uncommon to hear the phrase ‘accomplish more with less.’ (Research America) allowed us to partner with you…to expand the traditional role of HR recruiting. Our methods needed to change. By working together with your organization, we have been able to meet our objectives.

Area Field Manager

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jan over the years. She is a great partner, advisor and one that works with great sense of urgency and transparency

Senior Executive Retail Healthcare

Jan is extremely knowledgeable, outgoing, and an all-around pleasure to work with. She took the time to understand our company culture and find the perfect candidate for the position. Jan paid close attention to detail and exceeded our expectations in filling our company’s need promptly. I would highly recommend Jan for recruitment needs and would undoubtedly hire her again in the future

Human Resource Manager

Jan is the exceptional professional. Outstanding in all areas of retail talent; a truly exceptional person that gives the time and energy to every person she is in contact with

Senior Retail Executive

I had the pleasure to work with Jan on two levels. One, As an active recruit and two, to have her do recruiting for our Pharmacy Division. In both aspects, I found her to be consistent, knowledgeable and always available for consultation. She is an energetic resource.

Vice President Pharmacy

I’ve known and worked with Jan for over 15 years in various capacities and she is one of the dynamic people I’ve ever worked with. Incredible drive, energy and passion for any project she undertakes. She has a superior customer service mentality, professionalism and ethical approach to her every dealing. Be prepared for superior results! 

Global Talent Acquisition VP

During my tenure as Chairman of the National Association of Personnel Service, Jan was an outstanding leader of our profession. She was a leader as the first class of our CERS (Certified Employment Retention Specialist) in addition to giving to the association both on the National and State Association level. . On an individual level she assisted our company, Berman Larson Kane, by coaching our business development staff to be open to new programs and ideas. These sessions assisted us here at BLK in bringing in additional business. I am proud to consider her a colleague and a friend, she is such a credit to our industry.

Industry President

Jan is a PRO! She is the ultimate business partner. The expression “if you need something done give it to the busiest person” was written with Jan in mind but, you need to add if you want it done right and to exceed expectations. Jan is reliable, committed, smart, funny and the type of person everyone wants to be around. Her energy and attention to detail along with her compassion inspire greatness. If you have the ability to work with Jan embrace it, the experience will make you successful

Senior Partner Global Search

I vividly remember the first time I spoke with Jan. I was instantaneously drawn to not only her personal energy and zest, but more specifically, the way in which she told the story of a company where I would later accept a position. Talent acquisition is an art, not a science. Her deep knowledge of the organization she was working with formed a very favorable and nuanced understanding of the role and the company. Her partnership and coaching through the interview and negotiation processes were invaluable.

Upon accepting the role for which she recruited me, I have now become a client. She takes the time to understand not only the nuts and bolts of the job functions I am looking to fill, but also the fabric of who I am as a person and employer. It is through that sensitivity and expertise that Jan exceeds all other recruiters I have previously worked with. She brings the humanity to what can be a fairly transactional relationship. I could not recommend her more.

VP of Marketing

I have had the pleasure of working with Jan  as both a candidate she recruited and also from a company client perspective where she was retained to fill critical roles in our organization.  Jan is the ultimate professional. She is very well respected in the industry and strongly networked.  I have seen her in action first hand and can attest for how focused and very detailed oriented she is. She is a great communicator and keeps the needs of her clients and recruits top priority .  If you need someone to find top talent, Jan is your person!

EVP- Supermarket Industry

We have cultivated an extensive network of talented professionals over our 30-year span in the industry. How can we help you?

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With over 30 years of experience, Research America is one of oldest privately held women owned executive search firms in the country. We have veteran recruiters with extensive talent networks to deliver for our clients. Our specialized industry experience is necessary to find the best talent for the right position. We don’t just fill a “vacant” seat in your organization, we bring you visionary leaders!

Over three decades we have provided strategic partnerships and created successful long term relationships. We understand the dynamic of staffing issues and we know solutions come in all sizes.

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